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Citrus Creative is a online marketing agency that helps small to medium businesses increase their lead generation with effective and affordable online marketing. Specialising in website design and online marketing, we know how to generate more leads for your business.

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In 2015 the Business landscape as we know it is changing, don't get left behind! We'll build a marketing strategy from scratch, just for you - because we are cool like that.

Good website design turn visitors into enquiries! Get a website designed that attracts more traffic, converts more leads, and wins new customers for your business.

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Brochures, Videos, Photography, you name it...

we do it! We're just awesome like that.

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Our Creative Online Marketing Strategy Process


Our Clients


Their Competitors


Their Target Market


Their Marketing


Measurable Goals

Before we begin with any marketing strategy, we do an  in-depth analysis of your company. We look at what services or products you offer, and how we can structure those services to optimise the customer life-cycle through the company.

By scrutinising your competitors we are able to identify threats and opportunities that you perhaps weren’t able to see. We are also able to establish what marketing methods are working, which are over-used and where potential opportunity lies.

This is arguably the most important part of the process – understanding your consumer, because only once we understand what the consumer wants will we be able to create effective online marketing campaigns.

We analyse all your current marketing actions in order to identify strengths and weaknesses on this front – this allows us to optimise your current actions, whilst at the same time dove-tailing with our online strategies and objectives.

In order for us to know in which direction to begin, we need to know where we are going. This comes from understanding your goals - ‘what is it that your marketing needs to achieve’ – more leads? More online sales? More store visits?

Effective Online Marketing That Works!

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Our process is all about understanding (and coffee). In order for us to create effective

online marketing strategies we have to know the client, sometimes better than they know themselves.

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A Marketing Website. Yes, there is a difference between a marketing website, and a normal website. A marketing website has a strategy behind it, every element strategically placed to drive the visitor to your end goals. In essence, to sell while you sleep.


So is your website doing what it needs to do? That's the question.


Let us take a look! Our customized website analysis is totally free and will be completed within 2 business days by one of our many web development experts.


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